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It is the "International mobile equipment identity" number which is unique for all mobile devices. It can't be changed. Step 1: Visit the website of missingphones.

If not found, you can register for an account. This account will be used to send you information when your iPhone is detected at a location. The mSpy is a wonderful app if you want to track an iPhone. It can track both location and data on an iPhone. You can use this app to see your family's activities on their devices. Step 1: First visit the website of mSpy to buy a subscription and create your mSpy account. Open your email and click on the link received to go to mSpy control panel.

Step 2: Install mSpy on the target iPhone and start monitoring. Now you can track every data on the iPhone by logging in to your mSpy control panel. If you are like most people, you would worry about the safety of your family. You will make sure that they live in a healthy and peaceful environment.

If you find something wrong with their behavior, you wouldn't refrain from monitoring them. For this purpose, you may find many apps, but FoneMonitor is the best to monitor iPhone data.

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This spying software allows you to keep track of the call logs, text messages, browsing history, etc. Step 2: Now enter the details of the target iPhone like age and name of the owner and OS. Step 4: Sign in into the FoneMonitor account and from the dashboard and Click on Messages or whatever you would like to see on the target device. Note: in iPhone, FoneMonitor uses iCloud synchronization on the target device to monitor its activities.

So first you have to enable iCloud backup and sync first. Moreover, it needs internet to send data report to your device. It's a safe Android and iOS device monitoring software that can be used only for the exact purpose of parental control of their kids, by employers to monitor the devices that belong to them as well as on which the employees work, or by you when you have a consent of the device owner.


Top 6 Ways to Stop iPhone from Tracking Your Location

That could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator if you failure to do so and it is likely to result in violation of applicable law. That would be better to consult your own legal advisor with respect to legality of using the application in the manner you intend to use it prior to registering, downloading, installing, and using it.

FoneMonitor would not be held responsible if a user chooses to monitor a device the user does not have the right to monitor; nor can FoneMonitor provide legal advice regarding the use of the software. Sign Up. Sign in. Login Sign Up. How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud. All Topics Track iPhone Activities 1.

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Top 15 iPhone Locator Apps for iPhone 2. How to Know Where is My iPhone 5. How to Track a Stolen iPhone 6. How to Google My Tracks for iPhone Use iCloud to Find My iPhone 2. Track an iPhone Without iCloud. Part 1. Step 2: Now tap your missing iPhone from the list of all devices that you own. Check the real-time positioning of the device. Past location history gives you an idea about the device location. Can monitor all the iPhone activities remotely. If you find any inappropriate business running on the iPhone, then you can block it with Famisafe.

Monitor web content and see the browsing history on the target iPhone. In case the device gets lost, then you can check its last location detail. Here is a guideline on how to track an iPhone using FamiSafe. You can do so by tapping on each one of them at then switching on Show on Dashboard one by one. Step 5. You can go back to Dashboard tab on Health app in order to see the three functions you have just enabled.

No matter whether your iPhone is in your pocket or hand, it is always spot on giving you the exact detail about how many steps you have taken and how much you walked or run. The Flights Climbed feature is unique as well. It is able to detect even the minor changes in altitude with the help of new air pressure sensor built in iPhones. Since each flight is about equivalent to a housing storey of steps, it will register as a flight climbed if you happen to walk upstairs a single storey. How-to iOS iOS 8. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Last Updated: July 9, pm.

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